How diaphragm pump works

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Working Theory

1. Diaphragm pump rely on, diaphragm leaf back and forth, then change volume to suction and output liquid. So it called Diaphragm Pump.

2. Motor consist of rotor, pump body, finished front cover and finished rear end cover.

3. Pump Head are assembled with driving head, pump cover, diaphragm leaf, piston, finished valve carrier, bypass spring and top bead.

4. Pump head and motor make a whole pump. Rotor in Motor driven back and forth, and drive eccentric bearing moving.

5. Eccentric bearing drives diaphragm leaf, and compress air to get energy. Energy transfer to pressure, and get effect of booster water pressure.

6. Diaphragm pumps may include two chambers, three chambers, four chambers, five chambers, six chambers or more.

7. Diaphragm pumps can be self-priming and non self-priming.

8. Dry run no damage to the diaphragm. Working time should be less than 6 hours per day.


Installation Instructions

1. In case of water leakage, pump head should be downwards or flat wise when install.

2. A filter, not less than 100um, should be install before pump, incase particle dust go into pump and effect its function.

3. Pump already have passed many functional testing, please don't open it by yourselves.

4. This pump cannot be used for oil, chemical liquid or corrosive gas condition.

5. If don't comply with above rules and lead to products damage, we will not offer free warranty. Users should not tear up the seal.

6. Warranty is 12 months from delivery month.

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